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Power control webhook server for Canonical’s MAAS. The requirements for such webhooks are defined here:


pip install maaspower

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This project implements MAAS power control for machines that do not already have a BMC type supported by MAAS. It uses webhooks to control any number of remote switching devices that can power cycle such machines.

The project uses an extensible architecture so more switching device types may be added, see How to add support for a new API.

At present it supports two flavours of switching control:

  • Command line interface. Anything that is controllable by a command line utility that can be installed on the machine running this webhook service.

  • SmartThings API: a popular Samsung IoT protocol that is supported by thousands of devices

How the documentation is structured

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Tutorials for installation, configuration and command line usage. New users start here.

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Explanation of how the library works and why it works that way.


Practical step-by-step guides for the more experienced user.

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