Welcome to Minecraft Interactive World Builder (MCIWB).

This series of tutorials will teach you some of the basics of programming in Python by writing code that interacts with a Minecraft world.

As we work through many of the fundamental concepts of Python, we will gradually build our own Minecraft Village with some very unusual features!

There are a few things you will need before you start:

  • A Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • The computer may have any recent version of Windows (10/11), MacOS or Linux

  • An understanding of basic arithmetic including negative numbers

  • An interest in learning to program and build cool things in Minecraft

Thats it, a pretty short list.

If you have any problems running any of the tutorials, have questions or would like to suggest new features or improvements, please create an issue by clicking New Issue on this page gilesknap/mciwb#issues

When you are ready click Next to begin.

Happy programming!