Known Issues

Known Issues with Google API

A few outstanding limitations of the Google API restrict what can be achieved. All these issues have been reported to Google and this project will be updated once they are resolved.

Unfortunately, a number of quite significant issues have remained unfixed for several years. I’m starting a discussion group in this repo for people to discuss workarounds, and collect reports of how these things are affecting users. I intend to link this discussion group in the Google issue trackers to see if it will encourage some response from Google.

To join the discussion go here

Pending API Issues

Fixed API Issues

Other Issues

  • Some mounted filesystems including NFS, CIFS and AFP do not support file locks and database access will fail on them.

    • To fix, use the parameter –db-path to specify a location for your DB on the local disk. This will perform better anyway.

GPS workaround

For a workaround to the GPS issue described below see this project