Source code for gphotos_sync.BaseMedia

from datetime import datetime
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional

from .Checks import get_check

[docs] class BaseMedia(object): """Base class for media model classes. These provide a standard interface for media items that have been loaded from disk / loaded from DB / retrieved from the Google Photos Library """ TIME_FORMAT = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" def __init__(self, root_path: Path = Path(""), **k_args): self._id: str = "" self._relative_folder: Path = Path("") self._root_path: Path = root_path self._duplicate_number: int = 0 # Allow boolean check to fail on empty BaseMedia def __bool__(self) -> bool: return self._id is not None def set_path_by_date(self, root: Path, use_flat_path: bool = False): y = "{:04d}".format(self.create_date.year) m = "{:02d}".format(self.create_date.month) if use_flat_path: self._relative_folder = root / (y + "-" + m) else: self._relative_folder = root / y / m @property def is_video(self) -> bool: # guard against no mimetype issue #231 if not self.mime_type: return False return self.mime_type.startswith("video") @property def duplicate_number(self) -> int: return self._duplicate_number @duplicate_number.setter def duplicate_number(self, value: int): self._duplicate_number = value # Relative path to the media file from the root of the sync folder # e.g. 'Google Photos/2017/09'. @property def relative_path(self) -> Path: return self._relative_folder / self.filename # as above but without the filename appended @property def relative_folder(self) -> Path: return self._relative_folder @property def full_folder(self) -> Path: return self._root_path / self._relative_folder @property def filename(self) -> str: if self.duplicate_number > 0: file_str = "%(base)s (%(duplicate)d)%(ext)s" % { "base": Path(self.orig_name).stem, "ext": Path(self.orig_name).suffix, "duplicate": self.duplicate_number + 1, } filename = get_check().valid_file_name(file_str) else: filename = self.orig_name return filename # ----- Properties for override below ----- @property def size(self) -> int: raise NotImplementedError @property def id(self) -> Optional[str]: raise NotImplementedError @property def description(self) -> str: raise NotImplementedError @property def orig_name(self) -> str: raise NotImplementedError @property def create_date(self) -> datetime: raise NotImplementedError @property def modify_date(self) -> datetime: raise NotImplementedError @property def mime_type(self) -> Optional[str]: raise NotImplementedError @property def url(self) -> Optional[str]: raise NotImplementedError